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  1  Comment by: JAN JACOB
On: Sat 03 September 16 
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  2  Comment by: Praveen Kumar Rampilla
On: Tue 24 May 16 

  3  Comment by: lee ynung
On: Mon 16 May 16 
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  4  Comment by: sahil
On: Tue 15 September 15 
I want to move in HK,please help me or guide me.

  5  Comment by: Tinu
On: Mon 02 June 14 
Hong KOng is a city never sleeps. Love it

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Author: Topic: How much salary is required to stay for one month in HGK for a family of two? if accomodation is provided.
Sahil Joshi Posted on : 28/01/15 01:06:37  
How much salary is required to stay for one month in HGK for a family of two? if accomodation is provided.
Anuj S Posted on : 31/07/15 02:38:19
Hi Sahil, At least you need 1500USD for 1 month to survive here.
Aashu Posted on : 21/11/15 01:10:04
Using the same thread to seek more detail answers Hello Friends I am planning to move to Hongkong and would appreciate help in settling down in the HK. I am sure several people would have asked this and there would be several links as well, but so far I have come across all information which is from 2010, 2013, apparently which is old. We are family of four and I am in IT I have two kids (7 yrs - 1st class, 11 yrs - 6th Class both in ICSE medium). - How much minimum salary is good ? - Schools suitable for ICSE medium. - Residences/Accommodations Any pointers, guidance is appreciated.
Dr.Shashi kant Posted on : 29/12/15 12:55:14
Need help for settling in hong kong ..with a doctarate in management help youth ti get entrepreneurial skills.
Dr. Shashi Kant Posted on : 29/12/15 12:57:27
With phd in management want to join u to strenthen entrepreneurial skills in youth.
dharmarajan Posted on : 21/01/17 12:37:16
what would be the salary for nurses in Hong Kong hospitals under qmas 250000inr enough.what about income tax.pls reply.thanks

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