Nirav Modi flees Hong Kong, now traced to New York

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New Delhi: A government dossier accessed by Times Now indicated that diamantaire Nirav Modi, one of the key-accused in the Rs 13,600 crore Punjab National Bank (PNB) scam, allegedly fled Hong Kong and moved to New York. The revelation comes at a time when PNB is launching its own measures to nab economic offenders Modi and Mehul Choksi. The dossier suggested that Modi had first landed in the UAE but stringent laws forced him to flee to Hong Kong. According to the report, Modi had fled to UAE on January 1 and then moved to Hong Kong on February 2.

The government dossier also lists the pattern in which Nirav Modi had planned his exit from India. First, Modi had tactfully meandered his way through tight security in all these countries. While Modi’s original passport has been revoked, the document suggested that he has another passport, using which he is escaping from one country with another. While there were earlier reports that he had fled to US, the theory was denied as his passport was revoked. However, the new revelation suggested that not only did he defraud the banks in the country but also breached the laws and regulations by holding onto a forged passport, as Indian citizens are not allowed to hold dual citizenship.



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