India Proposes Flight Delay Compensation on Par With Global Peers


New Delhi — Taking a cue from global practices, India’s aviation regulator has proposed heavy compensation to air passengers who face flight delays or cancellations due to the shortcoming on the airlines’ part. In a draft passenger charter, India’s Ministry of Civil Aviation has also proposed relaxing cancellation penalties for air travelers who wish to cancel their ticket within 24 hours of booking but four days ahead of departure.
Airlines will also have to pay up to INR 20,000 ($295) to passengers who miss their connecting flights. When the flight is stationed on the tarmac for more than 60 minutes, sufficient and free-of-charge hot snacks and beverages are to be provided to the passengers. However, this compensation is minuscule in comparison to similar tarmac delay in the US wherein airlines have to pay $27,500 per passenger on board.
The ministry has also ensured that passengers are not discriminated on the basis of their nationality (domestic or international) in case of death or injuries onboard an aircraft. As per the draft, in both the cases, liability to be paid by the airline must be same for both international and domestic passengers.


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