Bizarre! Samosa Sent To Space by Chai Walla


London: Taking things on another level, this British restaurant owner tried to send a samosa and a wrap to space – for reasons not known to anyone.
his restaurant attempted to send Indian street food “to space” by using weather balloons and it almost succeeded, before it crash-landed in France.
Niraj Gadher, the owner of Chai Walla, used weather balloons filled with helium to send the samosa and wrap to space.
According to a report by Somserset Live, Gadher always used to joke about sending a samosa into space and he figured that everyone could do with a laugh.
The first time, the balloon slipped out of their hands. The second time, they ran out of helium. Turns out, it was third time lucky for the group.
A video shared on YouTube shows Gadher and his friends launching the samosa into space, after attaching it to a weather balloon outfitted with a GoPro camera and a GPS tracker.
However, the GPS malfunctioned when it went up in space and Gadher lost track of his samosa. Later, he found out that it had crashed into a field in France.
“The package had a parachute and was made of very light plastic so if there had been a problem it would have just floated down to earth,” he said.

Niraj and his friend took to Instagram to check if people living in the area could track the samosa.


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