Hong Kong influencer dies while taking a selfie


Sofia Cheung, an Instagram influencer from Hong Kong succumbed to death as she slipped at the edge of the waterfall while taking a selfie.
The 32-year-old influencer and her three friends took a trip to Ha Pak Lai, a park popular among hikers on Saturday (July 10). Reportedly, Sofia was trying to take a selfie at the edge of the waterfall at the park’s Pineapple Mountain site, a locale popular with hikers at sunset when she apparently lost her footing and fell sixteen feet into the pool below.
Sofia’s friends immediately called emergency services, but, according to a local daily, she was pronounced dead on arrival at the hospital.
Sofia Cheung’s Instagram is full of pictures of her trips and vacations. Her last picture, posted on July 9, shows her posing on the shore of the beach with a bodyboard. The caption of the picture read, “Better days are coming. They are called Saturday and Sunday.”
While many have expressed grief and shock in her comments section, Sofia is not the first person to die while taking a selfie. According to a report from the Sun, 330 people have died while trying to take selfies on excursions.


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