About us

HongKongIndians.com is a community portal website providing news & information about India & Hong Kong.

We are part of the Indian community living in Hong Kong , like everyone else, are very interested to find out more n more about Hong Kong as well as India. What we discovered so far, we are sharing it on this website & keeping community update with latest news .

There’s a lot to the Indian community in Hong Kong that most of us are not aware and there is a lot for the local Indian generation to know about India & Indian culture. That’s precisely why we started this portal. This site is a platform providing/sharing information about both countries, its people and culture.

So if you are one of us who can’t find the right place to start, welcome aboard!

Contribute to this site

HongKongIndians.com welcomes contributions ftom readers. Collecting and compiling information on Indian Events, social and cultural issues is not only hard work, but it is also very difficult to do without your help.

What can you contribute?

You could send in:

  • *a review of your favorite, or not so favorite film, an event, restaurant or business.

  • an article about some aspect of Indian language or culture or issues concerning Indians in Hong Kong or in general.

  • *an interesting piece of news in any Indian Language.

  • suggestions on issues that need focus in your opinion.

  • *details of a cultural, religious or charity event that you are organizing or you have participated, so that the entire community can know about it.

  • *A picture album of the latest event that you organized or pictures you have taken which you think can be useful/informative to the community.

  • HongKongIndians.com team can be contacted at Email address: HKindians@gmail.com